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terça-feira, 22 de julho de 2014

Psychobiological and Metaphysics Health Study: the causes of our pain and how resolvêlas?

Psicobiológico e Metafísica da Saúde: quais as causas das nossas dores e como resolvêlas?
Psicobiológico e Metafísica da Saúde: quais as causas das nossas dores e como resolvêlas?

  Psychobiological and Metaphysics of Health: health and wellness!

As I've said here in many texts, many people spend their lives, looking for answers and wellness, without much success, for not understanding that we exist with bases on three levels: physical, mental and spiritual. Many people cling to superstitions, religion and magic, thinking that dogmas and spiritual gifts can solve all problems. But faith does not solve everything. The problems of the mind are of the mind and physical problems can be alleviated through the other two levels, but will not solve them.
In the middle of religions, we hear all the time in miracles, and we all have faith in God, believe also, after all, as I said here, God uses chance to reset things, putting them on track. But miracles do not happen banal, commonplace and shape as we wish! Everything has an order, everything has a divine plan. Do not just stay in the church screaming and thinking that paying tithes will provide a rain of miracles. In fact, we have to live our life, fulfill our goals, our tasks and missions. Not think that the simple act of finding that we have faith, will erase our duties and spend everything to be free.
Anyway, we have to treat the body, mind and spirit. Only handle one and forget the other two levels will be a waste of time. No use for example, have so much faith and blast the body with sedentarismos for example! So as not worth living meditating and find that only take care of the mental plane without caring spirit of resolve. So how to take care of the body in gyms and have fixation on diet, without taking care of the mind and soul will not generate harmony.
Nowadays for people living in large cities, has a great clinical therapies to help people. That's good. Though people still think that going to spend at the mall and doing therapy credit card, your pains will disappear. In fact may even increase. Religion, Umbanda and many spiritualists means taking the inventions, we can seek this balance. Through Ifa, the I-Ching, Tarot, Astrology or whelks for example, we see the shortcomings, mistakes and what we can fix. The odus a person can show physical, mental and spiritual deficiencies and how that person can mitigate or remedy everything.
But, in more scientific level, people, especially those that also bind in spiritualism, develop more efficient techniques every day to improve the lives of people. The psychobiological treatment is something awesome! For emotional problems, are major causes of physical dysfunction, discomfort and suffering. Both psychologically, and physically and that leads to disorders like sexual disorders and many other things.
Candidiasis, multiple sclerosis, lumbar pain, endometriosis and Tonsillitis, for example, problems can be caused by psychological disorders that can solve a good therapist. However, responding to email many people who ask me, I do not believe Apometry, by studying it, I realized she is nothing but a wave of fad invented and has no acceptance even among the top leaders of Kardecism nor Umbanda. Yes, I know there are many people who will claim to have been the result, as well as all follow-up, each follows what you want, but in terms of spirituality, especially in view of Umbanda, is something useless. Have psychobiology apparently it is a fantastic method to treat disorders of those in need.
The Low Back Pain: relates to support, material and emotional insecurities. As we see, the problem can be attacked, taking care of the emotional part, which can also be combined with a spiritual attunement and body treatment. And this quest for wellness, we can use both the therapist, as the methods that give us joy and well being. For example, to have fun doing something we enjoy and be nice to us. For example, enjoy pets, stroll through the countryside, enjoy a sunset, enjoy a beach, enjoy the company of friends and many other ways.
In the sexual context eg candidiasis: difficulties with the woman herself with commitment, with your partner, your sexuality and unexpressed emotions after conflicts. And talking of sex, often the causes are not only emotional, but this will be one of the factors that should be attacked and harmonized. But we know that for many people, the problems are also spiritual, such as people who are victims of spells, moorings, obsessions, sexual karma and bad signs. Ai now enter more advanced analyzes, coupled psychobiology, which is the Metaphysics of Health
Who on eg tonsillitis disability to "devour", swallow (in a broad sense) at the risk of "drowning", inhibited emotions of anger and frustration. Intense irritation, inner conflict of being "drowned out" by something not expressed. This can be caused by emotional factors but, combined with genetic deficiencies and also spiritual attacks. Have Multiple Sclerosis: feeling of being knotted in life that make great suffering sertir be discouraged, though much internal rebellion. Feeling of having to do everything by yourself, alone. Perfectionism is reluctant to receive help. In these cases, more than ever one needs to combine therapies to take care of the mind and emotions, but also the spirit, such as meditation, prayer and ritual uses, such as baths and incense example.
In Endometriosis: Repulse maternity unconscious, afraid that a child changes life, doubts about their own ability to be a mother. Thus we see that it is important to evaluate karmic-spiritual character of the person that it belongs deities, the Mother Head is blocked if female deities are crossed, if female deities are in shock, which is the predominant elements and interrupts the Left maternal role. So it is important to seek innovative techniques in studies involving the body, emotions and somatic. Both the emotional plane, as in the physical and spiritual.
Metaphysics (ancient Greek μετα [meta] = after, beyond, and Φυσις [physis] = nature or physical) is one of the fundamental disciplines of philosophy. The Metaphysics comprises the structural and energetic aspects that coordinate the organic and inorganic materials. It's a special study of the essence of the universe, its f ormation and the beings that inhabit it. She gives us a broad perspective of time and space factors, as well as the sense of Good and Evil, immutable and eternal categories, constituents of the early causes of the physical world. The term metaphysical means: a = met beyond and physics = matter. Therefore, all that is beyond the physical can be considered Metaphysics. She understands the mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and sentimental sphere. The metaphysics assumes that it is the soul that organizes matter and not the physical that creates the essence. Thus, we must seek to understand all the secrets that's behind a painful, sickly and karma that causes our discomfort. That is, try to understand what stirs our emotions covertly and what 's behind our suffering. And the oracles are important for this.

So I tried on oracles in my book THE LORDS OF DESTINY AND THE CROWN OF ASTROLOGICAL Orumilá (
OS SENHORES DO DESTINO E A COROA ASTROLÓGICA DE ORUMILÁ), because I think in the quest to fulfill the destiny man needs help and how top has no contact at all times with the Sacred, only the oracles can liaise with with Divinity and his ministers.

Thus to study the spiritual and metaphysical field, we combine the search for emotional harmony, allied physical therapies, psychological assistance and also the spiritual ...

Axé everyone!

Carlinhos Lima.
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